Twitter Says A ‘Technical Issue’ Is Preventing URLs From Being Sent In Direct Messages For Some

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Earlier this afternoon Twitter users began experiencing difficulty sending URLs or ‘links’ via Direct Message. Depending on the client used, error messages popped up that indicated the DMs being sent included links to ‘malware’, or simply indicated that the message could not be sent.

A Twitter spokesperson said only that ”there is a technical issue with URLs in Direct Messages.” Though there was no information forthcoming beyond that, it seems unlikely that the inability to send DMs with links in them is a widespread policy decision based on issues like spam or the new DM behavior, though I suppose anything is possible.

This has been a fairly widespread issue, and accounts continue to be easily found via Twitter. Verified users appear to have better luck sending links to both other Verified users and to non-Verified users. However, we have confirmed that even non-Verified folks can send links in some cases…

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